NFT Public sale
The IN BLOCKCHAIN ​​universe opens its door to all users of the crypto gaming world with the sales of NFT characters collection. After having made the $TIME Presale & Launch, the first NFT Characters units of INBLOCKCHAIN ​​will be sold.
All IN BLOCKCHAIN ​​characters are bought and traded through BNB. We do this to secure and maintain character pricing over time. In addition, doing the sale in BNB allows us to raise money to allocate to more important parts of the project and ensure long-term success.

Destination of BNB raised:

$TIME Liquidity Pools
Production & design of coming features
Marketing & Collaborations

How to participate in the public sale of NFT Characters?

1. Deploy the app & connect with Metamask

The first thing you should do is deploy the app and connect with your Metamask account. If you still do not have Metamask installed in your browser, you can install it from this link.
Metamask connect pop-up after clicking "Login" button

2. Change your network from Metamask to Binance Smart Chain

If you are still on the home screen after connecting with metamask, most likely Metamask is not on the Binance Smart Chain network. You can press the "Login" button again and the application itself will ask you to change the network. If you prefer to do it manually, you have a tutorial on how to switch and add the Binance Smart Chain network here.
Metamask switch network pop-up after clicking "Login" button

3. Go to the "Claim Character" tab and wait for the sale to open

Once inside the application, you will be directed to the "Claim Character" page. Here, you must wait until the sale opens to be able to buy the NFT characters. You will see a countdown on the yellow-eyed characters. When this countdown ends, the overlay will disappear and then you can buy the characters.
NFT Presale at Testnet

4. Select the number of characters to mint and press the buy button

Once the purchase opens, you will see an input and a button at the bottom of each character eye-color sale. Here you can indicate the number of characters to buy, once indicated, press the "buy" button to make the transaction and mint them.
Wait for the Metamask purchase tab to open. Make sure the pop-up shows your wallet as the delivery address just in case and press the confirm button.
Metamask pop-up for buying NFT Character at Testnet

5. Wait until the transaction is finished

Once the transaction is accepted on Metamask, you will see a loading popup in the application until the transaction is finished. It does not usually last more than 2 minutes.
If the transaction is successful, you have received your NFTs and the pop-up will update with a tick saying everything gone well. If the transaction fails, it will be updated indicating the error that is causing the transaction to not be completed.
If you are having errors that you cannot solve when you try to buy the NFT character, you can contact us by mail, on our website form or by telegram.
Loading pop-up after acepting metamask transaction
Succesful transaction
Failed transaction

6. Congratulations! Go and check your new NFT Character

After obtaining a successful transaction, you can go to "My Characters" page to verify what NFT has been granted to you, as well as all the information about it. Congratulations, you can officially participate in the IN BLOCKCHAIN universe!
My characters page with the bought NFT
Details of the NFT Character
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Destination of BNB raised:
How to participate in the public sale of NFT Characters?